Thursday, July 31, 2008

Help Waseem Mirza's Family

Waseem Mirza aged 41 passed away on 07/28 around 8 pm. He was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago. Waseem never had any health problems before. He never smoked and was in excellent health. Despite this big setback he put up a brave fight. After months of extreme chemotherapy the deadly disease went into remission. He started coming back to work and everything seemed normal.
Unfortunately, the cancer came back in April this year. Waseem again put up a brave fight but this time the deadly disease took it's toll.
Funeral services for Wasim were held today at Jess C. Spencer Mortuary. His brother and mother flew in from UK for his funeral services. His wife and little daughter were also present. In addition there were many friends and co-workers who were fortunate to know Waseem.
Waseem was a true gentleman and a gem of a person. He is not amongst us but his family has to still deal with the setback. We can not bring Waseem back but we can ease the financial hardship of the family by donating.

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We have setup a paypal account for donation to Waseem Mirza's family.

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Pratish said...

Waseem Mirza has been a dear friend of mine since 1986 when we attended Gateway 6th Form College in Leicester. I only found out about his passing today and I'm totally devastated and shocked to hear this very very sad news. I will miss him very much. He will always remain in my heart and in my memories. My thoughts and prayers are forever with his family.


Anonymous said...

Samiyah here, I just found this page and it brought back so many memories. I miss my uncle soo much or as I always call him 'bulaiya'♥ I was young at the time so I didn't understand the situation fully, but I do now, and it hit me like a punch in the stomach - by a wrestler. Can't help crying now and then. Miss the famalam too. I really want to see my cousin Farrah again, wonder when the day will come -_- Bulaiya was my favourite family member and he always will be. R.I.P :'( #ILoveYou xx

Tahir Butt said...

Seem bhai will always be in my heart and the precious times with him and great memories will never be forgotten. He was truly an amazing cousin and a great person.